Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Five Peso Coin

By J. Luna

“ …And Jesus called a child unto him…”

Matthew 18:2


You have a five-peso coin in your hand. This is enough, you thought, to buy candies or cheese snacks. This is already a valuable piece of treasure to a child.


You know her mom. At times you run errands for her. Sometimes you pick her up from school when mom is busy. You are efficient with your task. Mommy is grateful.


You replace the five-peso coin in your pocket. Your pocket is full of coins. You grope through it and took out a peso coin and two twenty-five cent pieces. You walk towards the sari-sari store and bought a cigarette. The girl goes to the box where she keeps the cigarettes. She bends down and you get a spectacular view of her breasts. You get a hard-on. She hands you the cigarette and you ask for a lighter. She hands you a box of matches instead. You get a whiff of her delicately perfumed wrists. You think she is a nice lay. You light your cigarette, then you return the match box to her. Don’t forget to say thank you. Smile. She smiles back. You walked away, puffing at your cigarette. You have a terrific hard-on. You pause. You remember the five-peso coin.


You carry her school bag. You have to keep up with her pace, so as not to lose her from your sight. Mom will get pretty damn sore if you lose her. She is mommy’s little angel. You take the fifteen-minute walk to her house. The school is too near to waste “special” fare for the tricycle. She tells you she needs to pee. She can’t hold it any longer. You guided her to the corner of the street where she can be concealed by the trashcan. She squats. You got a view of her panties hanging on to her ankles. You heard the tinny winny trickle on the pavement. You tried to block your mind from dirty thoughts, but you felt a strange sensation- damn, you shouldn’t get a hard-on from a peeing kid, you thought, but you feel your donger bulging in your pants. You feel someone shrugging at your arms. You wake up from your reverie. You walk her home. Mommy is waiting at the door. She smiles, and says thank you, as you hand her the kid and the bag. You say, you’re welcome. She hands you a shiny ten-peso bit. You thank her then you hurry off. You feel the need to jerk-off.


You entered your dank smelling, and cramped room. You looked for tabloids. You opened them one by one, looking for pictures of naked women, half-naked women, women in thong underwear, women in bikinis----You cannot find any. You threw the papers on the floor. Disgruntled, and disgusted, the papers suck!, You thought. You opened your fly to expose your prick. You tried to think of lewd images. But all that enter your mind is the faint trickle of pee on the pavement. And the panties on her ankles with cartoon designs. The Power Puff Girls.


You suddenly feel your legs stretch and strain as your abdomen heaves to your release. Man-juice explodes and scatters on your pubes, and all over your belly. You give in to the ecstasy---go whore!! Suck it!!! I’m spreading jizz all over your face. Bitch!! The frenzy passes. Back to reality—back to your dank, smelly room. You grab a dirty shirt, and wipe away the juice. You throw the shirt on the floor. The masculine scent of Chlorox bleach mixing with the sour stench of midday sweat and jock itch. -----tiptaptiptap said the peepee on the concrete.


You take a long drag on your cigarette as you cross the corner. The sound of coins jangling in your pockets, and an erection you can’t conceal as it struggles against the tightness of your jeans. You walk on… Then you hear the sound of children chanting:

..Nanay, Tatay gusto kong tinapay……


She looks like her sister, the hot kolehiyala, the thought races to your brain. Before she went to Manila to study, she was the object of every Dong and Totoy’s fantasy. Remember, you used to show-off your basketball playing skills every time she passes by. She’s a hot little snob. Who cares? You spent your drinking sessions talking about the cunt’s nice ass, her long black hair, her chinita eyes, and her red lips. Boy’s talks. Dammit, the kid looks like her sister. You take another puff. You watch her from a distance..

……..ate, kuya gusto kong kape……….


“ It’s really nice of you to do me this favor,” Mommy says.

You smile looking at the ten-peso coin she handed to you.

“ The times are dangerous. It is unsafe to let my daughter walk home alone. And, I don’t trust these tricycle drivers. Remember what happened to Kris?”, she pauses.

You answer, “ Yeah, Kris. Old Bebang’s niece. They say it’s a tricycle driver who did it to her. Poor Kris.”

“ Such a nice kid,” she says.

“ Lots of maniacs around. They won’t even leave the kids alone.” She continues.

“Yeah”, you reply. Then you smile.

“ Gotta go,”,you say, then you wave byebye. She waves and smiles as she closes the door. You hurry off. She must have looked pretty in her teens. Then you try to imagine how her bush looks like. You shrug off the thought, then you walked away.


……lahat ng gusto ko ay susun-

You walk your way to the bunch of seven-year old runts, who are playing their stupid game. You take a final drag at your cigarette, then you throw it away. You take the five-peso coin out of your pocket. Then you approach her.


You hear the trickle of peepee on the pavement. You see her nice cute butt, slightly concealed by the raised school uniform as she squats, nice cute panties hanging on to her ankles.


She looks at you with a queer, questioning look.

“ Your mom asked me to give you this,” you show her the coin. Her eyes shimmer.

“ If you will come with me,”, she tries to grab the coin, but you put it back into your pocket.

“ Unfair!!”, she says.

“ Lets go, ” you said, then you lead the way.

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